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yankees-red sox game. there's nothing better in sports. i don't care who wins, as long as it's a good game. >> there is nothing better. sneak inside. put a cold beer on your expense account. that's all for us tonight. campbell brown starts right now. >> hey there, everybody. there is blood on the streets in a country far from our shores, bs it is a country with an important u.s. military base that supplies afghanistan. there are reports of the overthrow of the government. we're going to give you the latest on that. here in the u.s., one of the most heated arguments in the country today over the legacy of the civil war. should the south still be honoring the confederacy. critics say it's offensive. we're going to have a debate on
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that. a stunning admission from the obama administration for an american citizen marked for death. we're going to begin with the trouble in kyrgyzstan. the overthrow of the government, the country's former foreign minister says she is in control, but there is no independent confirmation tonight of a cue. the health ministry telling cnn 40 people were killed in the proeft test and 400 wounded. >> demonstrations have swept the centralation nation which is a key u.s. ally following recent hikes in gas and electric prices. >> the opposition said at least 100 died today before announcing it forced the government to resign. >> reporter: the state department says it can't confirm reports that the government kyrgyzstan had fallen. >> when thousands attacked 9 president's office, police used
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life ammunition to repel them. >> there's reports that kyrgyzstan's president has fled the country. >> five years ago in 2005, the president was ousted. that's how the current president came to power. >> a senior pentagon official tells cnn that flights out of the american base there have stopped because of the turmoil. the latest on the mining disaster in west virginia. the clock is ticking in an upper blanch mine tonight. four miners still unaccounted for after monday's explosion. authorities say they know where all four were at the time of the blast. rescuers still can't get inside the mine. the levels of poisonous gas is still too high. >> the drill teams are furiously drilling holes in this mountain to vents out some of those dangerous gases but they're confronted with the problem of more than one dangerous gas that is keeping the rescue teams at
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bay. >> to vent 9 mine of its dangerous gases, crews started drilling three holes last night. the first drill broke through nearly hen 00 feet of rock this morning. rescuers banged on the drill but got no response from below. officials are focused on three of the five drill sites. all 1100 feet down where the lethal gas is being vented. two sites are near a refuge center stocked with food and water to last four days where they hope to find three miners. they believe the fourth miner is no more than 1,000 feet away. >> reporter: abc news has confirmed two more citations at this coal mine the morning of the explosion. they involved cables beneath and escape routes. >> if the missing miners got to the rescue chambers they may have a chance. there's enough air and supplies to keep 15 people alive for 96 hours. in political news tonight, a san francisco man was arrested
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for threatening nancy pelosi over the health care bill. the manmade dozens of calls to pelosi's home and actually got through to her. the speaker has an unlikely defender. senator tom coburn saying pelosi is a niece lady. >> i'm 180 degrees in opposition of the speaker. she's a nice lady. come on now. she's a nice person. just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they're not a good person. and i want to tell you i've been in the senate for five years and i've taken a lot of that, because i've been on the small side both in the republican party and the democrat party. just because i don't agree with them doesn't mean i'm bad. don't catch yourself being
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biased by fox news that somebody is no good. the people in washington are good. they just don't know what they don't know. >> senator coburn is up for re-election. tiger woods makes his return to masters golf. today has been about the buzz about his return to advertising that uses the voice of the golfer's late father, earl woods. >> tiger, i am more prone to be inquisitive to promote discussion. i want to find out what your thinking was. i want to find out what your feelings are. and did you learn anything? >> now, ad experts have called the spot everything from powerful to creepy. woods has lost an estimated $50
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million in endorsements in the wake of his sex scandal. that brings us to the punch line. that brings us to jimmy fallon. have you heard about the airline that wants to charge you for carry-on bags. >> spirit airlines has become the first airline in the u.s. to charge passengers for carry-on luggage. $45 to put a bag in the overhead bin. which is odd because if you had an extra 90 bucks to spend, you probably wouldn't be flying spirit airlines. >> that is the mash-up. tonight, new developments in a controversy we've been following all day. a governor honoring the civil war history of the confederacy. now he's apologizing. also a man wanted in connection with terrorism on u.s. soil. the cia ready to kill him if they find him, despite the fact he is a u.s. citizen.
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in a moment, i'll talk with former governor doug wilder who spoke with mcdonnell today about this. first cnn's kate bolduan gives us the back story. >> reporter: virginia, known for its civil war battlefields. richmond was the capital of the confederacy. now a new battle over that legacy. governor bob mcdonnell has declared april confederate history month. to understand the sacrifices of the confederate leaders, soldiers and citizens. >> i thought having people look at the history, learning from the mistakes of the history, but understanding virginia's role in the battlefields, et cetera, would be helpful for economic development. that's why i signed it up. >> reporter: the governor is now apologizing for what he calls a major omission, failing to make any mention of slavery and is amending the proclamation to
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reflect that. civil rights activists are blaming him for trying to white wash history. >> the main reason for that fire that burned across this country was the south's refusal to let go of slavery, which is a deep and abiding crime against humanity. it does suggest he lacks courage. >> reporter: for better or worse, virginia is steeped in confederate history. monuments like this one can be found throughout the state. governor mcdonnell, in the proclamation suggested that the move was meant to help boost tourism ahead of next year's 150th anniversary of the start of the civil war. the governor says he issued the proclamation at the request of the group sons of confederate veterans. they say the outcry is politically motivated. earlier, mcdonnell gave this explanation for leaving slavery
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out. >> slavery was an absolute abomination on this nation. it was a horrific practice that i'm delighted is wiped off the face of this country. so i didn't mention it solely because i was trying to keep the focus on the war aspects of it. >> reporter: kate bolduan, cnn washington. a short time ago, i spoke with former virginia governor, doug wilder, who was the first african-american governor ever elected to serve as a governor. governor wilder, welcome to you? >> campbell, always good being with you. wish you were back here in richmond. >> sometimes i do too. tonight, before we get to governor mcdonnell's statement that he just put out this evening, i want to go back to how he defended his proclamation to the washington post earlier. he said, "there were any number of aspects to that conflict between the states. obviously, it involved slavery and other issues, but i focused on the ones that were most significant for virginia."
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now, i'm guessing, governor wilder, that to african-americans living in virginia, slavery was a significant issue, but you tell me. >> i think so. >> what did you think when you first read that? >> when i first read it and heard about it, i knew that it was not right. i knew that it was wrong. i knew it had to be revised. i knew there had to be a change. i knew there would be a reaction. all of that has come true. >> you spoke with governor mcdonnell this afternoon as he was putting the statement together. >> yes. >> what did he tell you? >> he called and he pretty much said that he was going to do what he's done in terms of revising the statement and ultimately revised the proclamation itself. i reminded him of what he said to me when he said to the people of virginia during the inaugural. he pointed to me when i was in the stands and said this nation, this state has come from a place where doug wilder, the grandson of slaves could be a governor.
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that is what slavery was about. we came from a period of deprivation and denial and dehumanization and uplifted. that's the bob mcdonnell that i thought would have been a part of this proclamation. that's why i think he should be commended for being man enough and strong enough and straightforward enough to say i made a mistake. i should have included things in it that i didn't. now i shall do so. >> you're satisfied with what he said now? >> i'm pleased to the extent that he's let it be known that he's not acting as if this is something that a glorious period of our times. he called it an abomination. he realized he made a mistake in not fully letting people know what he really meant and what he was attempting to do. >> so do you think now that it's okay to celebrate confederate history month? >> no, i don't.
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that's where we get past. celebration to me is a time of joy. it's a time of fulfilling suppressed desires of getting over it and saying oh, boy this is good. what is there to celebrate when you consider a half million of people during that time were africans in slavery? people who had no hope to believe that anything was going to happen. this was the celebration of the beginning of the civil war? what would have happened had they been successful? >> governor, i got to ask you, you did refuse to endorse the democrat who ran against bob mcdonnell last year. do you regret that? >> no, i don't. >> how do you think this whole episode reflects on him? >> i don't regret that. i think the bob mcdonnell that spoke at the inaugurst rale, he
8:16 pm
recognized the mistake. he's not part of the. he did not represent the values that i think most virginians believed in and i think this hicc hiccup, as far as the mcdonnell administration should be cured. i hope it is. >> i appreciate your time tonight, governor wilder. >> thank you. >> we're going to go deeper into this controversy in just a moment. my guests include the man whose group asked for that proclamation in the first place. that coming up right after the break. stay with us. oh sure, we have plenty of employees that...
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sniecht as we continue our conversation about the controversy surrounding virginia's declaration of confederate history month. here are a couple of facts. there are more statues of soldiers in virginia. and it was until 1997 that the state song was used. a lot of history, with mow to talk about this is virginia state senator, donald mceachen, and historian doug brinkley
8:20 pm
joining us as well. brag, let me start with you. you're group has been pushing for confederate history month for a long time. why do we need it? >> virginia was a southern state. the confederate soldier was the person who defended that state against a huge invasion by the north. he hasn't been honored and it's very similar to what's happening today with the vietnam veteran. it's like a chapter of history has been erased. governor mcdonnell said it perfectly. there's education that will benefit everybody and tourism will help the state and make people money. the confederate soldier needs to be honored and remembered. >> what do you make of the governor's decision to add this anti slavery language to the proclamation today? >> as you can see from governor wilder's statement, it really
8:21 pm
doesn't matter if that's in there or not. he's still against it. that makes a good case, i think for the need for confederate history month, because the opposition, the people who are making the most noise about this don't even want to hear it. that's bad education. that doesn't move the ball forward. >> i think the point of my question though is don't you think that slavery ought to be a part of the conversation if you're going to talk about confederate history month? >> the language of the resolution was an omission by governor mcdonnell. we didn't create the language. all we asked for is a truthful and accurate history of the period. >> before i get to everybody else, do you think -- if you want an accurate picture of the period, you got to include slavery, right? >> right. i think what governor mcdonnell was looking for, since it was a resolution asked for by the sons of confederate veterans which is an organization that represents confederate soldiers that it be
8:22 pm
more geared toward the soldier. i think that's where he was coming from and it was an omission on his part, something that our organization is not opposed to. any sane person in the 21st century is opposed to slavery, but we've got to look at the period. you look at robert e. lee, and grant, who owned slaves? it was grants. >> you were opposed to confederate history month before. i'm assuming you haven't changed your mind in the midst of all this, have you? >> no, i haven't. unfortunately, virginia has been in a bad news cycle for the past 24 hours, and it's regrettable. if you're going to do something like this, you ought -- first of all, it ought to be civil war history we're looking at and the sacrifices of people on both sides, both the north and the south, but, you know, the real problem we have here is we have a governor who has failed to embrace a nondiscrimination
8:23 pm
statute. that has put us in a negative light. we have an attorney general who has sued over the health care and now we have this. >> doug, let me bring you in. first of all, when you first heard about this proclamation, did you think it would survive the day as is or clearly we were headed down this path? >> i think, as soon as you read the language of governor mcdonnell, you realize he made a mistake, whether it was purposeful or not, i don't know. it was obvious he was going to have to put in slavery language. this is the lost cause scenario that somehow the south, there is a neoconfederate movement, the united daughters of the confederacy, you can rattle off 20 of them. they feel confederates never get their fair due. they build it up on lincoln as a markist, it's part and parcel
8:24 pm
with the kind of neoconfederate literature that comes out. >> to that point, doug, it comes out every time this issue comes up, involving flying a confederate flag. it's like we repeat the same debate over and over again. >> look, we're in a big states rights movement right now. there's an anti federal government feeling particularly in the republican party. governor rick perry of texas, i'll talk about texas succeeding from the union. he ended up beating kay bail hutchenson. he figured there was political play in this, that it was going to solidify him with the right of the republican party and show he was a true virginian in this regard. it was a mistake. i'm glad he fixed the language and we can move on with things. it wasn't a helpful day for anybody. >> brag, do you agree with that sentiment at least, given what you were trying to achieve here,
8:25 pm
where are you on this? >> well, i mean, i think the professor is completely wrong. i think governor mcdonnell did this -- >> wrong about what? be specific. i mean, you don't agree that we don't continue having this conversation over and over every time this issue is raised? >> well, i mean the issue is does virginia honor the people that fought for the state who had to fight armies three times their size that basically destroyed the state and killed thousands of our citizens? our organization represents the decendents of confederate veterans. we view them honorably, whether the national media does or not. >> let me give you the last word here, senator. >> well, you know, we are hired in virginia to solve the problems of virginia. we've got huge problems in terms
8:26 pm
of transportation, education, any number of other issues. things like this, things like this proclamation and the other things that governor mcdonnell has done over the past 60 days are not advancing the ball in that regard. we need get back to solving the kitchen table problems of everyday, ordinary virginians. >> gentlemen, appreciate your time tonight. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> when we come back, we're going to talk about a man who is now marked for death. does the u.s. government have the legal right to order the assassination of an american citizen linked to terrorism. we'll talk about that after the break. hey!
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in. in a stunning development, a u.s. official confirmed that the government has targeted a u.s. citizen for what amounts to legal assassination. anwar al awlaki has been linked to the ft. hood shooter and the christmas bomber and the two 9/11 hijackers. followers say he's like osama bin laden. joining me is prize winning
8:30 pm
journalist ron suskin and fred berman and jeffrey toobin in new york. the american government putting an american citizen on an assassination list. do we do this? >> in 1975, gerald ford signed an executive order that says we do not assassinate period. after 9/11, that really became obsolete. we have been targeting osama bin laden and everyone associated with him for quite some time. it is not surprising and it is not illegal that an american is not on that list, because the argument is our military requirements are that we kill al qaeda leaders. if it's an american, so be it. >> fred, is this the first time that you have heard of an american being targeted? >> no, campbell. if you look, we've had asam the american, adam gadahn has been a
8:31 pm
target for quite some time. if you look at this from a strategic perspective, this is to be expected. if you think about it from the concept of these predator drone strikes hit, they're going to take out whoever is in that building or hut or cave. i think you're looking at just a counterterrorism strategy where this individual has placed himself where he's going to be at the receiving end of a missile strike. >> that may be the case. that doesn't change the fact that a lot of jaws dropped today hearing this news that it's not capture this guy but kill this guy, an american. i know, as jeff pointed out, the rules certainly changed after 9/11, but were you surprised to hear that this administration would be taking this step? >> from the very start, campbell, i think the thinking was this administration would be moving in the other direction, rather than going further than the bush administration essentially had which is what they've done at this point. it's interesting because what
8:32 pm
you're in again is the same problem the bush administration faced. i don't think the obama administration is doing much better in terms of the wider issues of american principles. the fact is how this will traffic around the world as the united states is willing to kill american citizens that oppose it. obviously, nobody wants this guy to be out there creating the trouble he has been creating, but this about what this does, what happened today. essentially, it raises the profile of al awlaki who is a problem. it makes him something of a rock star. probably ten times as many people will start reading his veerial matter online on the worldwide web. this issue of identifying in a kind of we'll get you kind of way, these terrorists has been shown not to be particularly effective. what happens is essentially, they become enlarged. they become actually more
8:33 pm
prominent and what they say becomes more prominent. now, he is in a kind of peer status with the united states. there are much better ways to do this. the bush administration found this out at the end of their tenure, to work quietly, to not act in this sort of blustery way. that goes to the heart of this hearts and mind struggle. it seems the obama administration hasn't figured this out. >> this was a news leak. it wasn't an announcement. i know sometimes news leaks are intentional. i don't know the idea that the obama administration raised his profile. the journalists at the "new york times" did a good job in fe ferreting this out. >> to be fair, the fact is in the news cycles and the way they operate, it's going to get out. if we make this step and we essentially put this guy on the kill list, it's going to get
8:34 pm
out. reporters in january, reuters has been on this story for months. i think we're not thinking as clearly as we might be thinking as to how the united states can stick to their principles and there are certain things we cannot do. i think frafrpgly we're now with al awlaki. >> fred, i'll give you 4r5the l word. >> you still have to find him. you lack the human intelligence to be able to find him. >> thank you very much, guys. appreciate your time. we're going to take a quick break. in minnesota today, a coming together of two conservative mega stars, sarah palin and michele bachmann. at sharp, our goal
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we have something new for you tonight. a segment we're calling m scare squared. each with their take on the stories. >> you talked about the confederate story in virginia. i'm sorry. this is a month honoring
8:38 pm
american terrorists. people who wanted to defend a system of degradation called slavery. you don't honor people like that? >> really. >> yes. >> really? so despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of southerners were not shave owners and the overwhelming northerners were notab abol. the food, the art, the architecture? >> this is not food and architecture. this is celebrating confederates, people who were traitors who seceded from the union. people who wanted to keep a sin against humanity in place. that's like somebody saying let's celebrate the nazi soldiers who were doing their job. >> if you celebrate anything in
8:39 pm
germany today, you're celebraticelebrate ing naziism? >> no, the governor of virginia, mcdonnell said he didn't include slavery in his initial statement because he felt it wasn't significant enough. he said i focused on the ones who were most significant for virginia. slavery was huge as related to the confederacy? >> i understand that this invokes deep feelings, but i understand as a seminal event in american history, that virginia, in virginia, there are 123 battles. the next closest state was tennessee with 38. we have a farm it's replete with history. this is a piece of history. there are many issues. we're in a post racial, 150 years later. we can't talk about this? >> are the concentration camps a
8:40 pm
part of germany, absolutely, but noeb is celebrating the german soldiers. you condemn them. >> we condemn naziism, we condemn slavery. >> this is not the whole south. >> nobody is celebrating slavery. >> they want to celebrate the confederates. in fact, he even said one of the reasons they did that because this is designed to promote tourism. hey, i guess we ought to have folks walking around in chains around the capitol. >> okay. look. we're never going to agree on this. i get the focus you have. >> why? because the people who lost, they wanted folks like me to still be in chains? >> no, no, no. >> yes, they did. >> we're not going to agree so we're going to move on to a silly story. i don't know where we're going to be on this. we might be on the same side. people who spend more time in
8:41 pm
airport airports, which airline is it today? >> spirit airlines. >> are making you pay extra for carry-ons? >> i say great. >> i'm sick of these airlines charging for everything. i accepted this whole deal of charging for the bags you check. to carry-on? are you going to charge me for bringing my own food on because you have to dispose of the trash? >> take another airlines. >> i will never fly spirit airlines. this is dumb. >> i'm with you. >> we're doing this because we want to make it faster for people to get on. it's a carry-on? >> don't you get on planes with carry-on cheaters? they have stuff overhead. >> why? >> because they don't want to wait for their bags. >> no, because the airlines are sticking it to us by charging us all this money. >> spirit, imwith you. >> all right. talking about spirit, let's talk
8:42 pm
about this ridiculous demonic spirit at augusta national golf club. billy payne made this statement regarding tiger woods. >> it is not simply the degree of his conduct that is owe egregious here. it's the fact that he disappointed all of us and more importantly our kids and grand kids. our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we sought for our children. >> our hero, our role model? this is the sexist golf club that will not allow an accomplished woman like yourself to become a member. >> it is not tiger's job to be a hero to our kids. it's his job to be a hero to his own kids of the i don't want to be in that club. i belong to to all girls' clubs.
8:43 pm
far left offensive than the government making me use my tax dollars to pay for abortions. >> but a lot of these private golf clubs take advantage of governmental tax breaks as a result of the land. >> they shouldn't. there should be no government complicity. >> they say ladies, i'm sorry. >> this is what we call tone deaf in the political business. i go back to the point we've been making all week, and i think we agree on. the only person to whom you owe heroism and role modeling is to your own kids. his job is to be a golfer. >> i agree. but billy payne, i'm sorry, stop being a sexist? >> tiger, just win so we can quit talking about you.
8:44 pm
>> guo, tiger. still ahead, the first ladies of the tea party joining forces to rally conservisconser. for strong bones, i take calcium.
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"larry king live" starts in just a few moments. larry, what do you have for us tonight? >> campbell, we've got a prime time exclusive with martina navratilova. dr. oz is here with some advice that could save your life. we'll go live to west virginia for the latest on the mine disaster. we'll talk to a survivor on the blast. all next on larry king lif"lar." >> sarah palin, michele bachmann bring down the house in minnesota. rld on tv. introducing quattron quad pixel technology. it adds a fourth color, yellow, to the standard rgb color system, creating a vast array of colors you can't see with your tv's three color technology.
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and, you could save up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance. call now-- and get the system installed for just $99. broadview security for your home or business-- the next generation of brink's home security. call now. could this be the face, the new face of the gop? tea party superstars, sarah palin and representative michele bachmann join forces today to rally conservetivities in minnesota. they heap praise upon each other. >> it's absolutely drop dead gorgeous as this woman is, on the outside, i am here to testify she is 20 times more beautiful on the inside. >> i knew that we would be buddies when i met her up there when she told me we should drill
8:51 pm
here, drill now. and then i replied drill, baby, drill. and then we both said you betcha. >> also on hand today, minnesota governor tim pawlenty who we all know has his eye on 2012. he's doing a delicate dance with an unpredictable grass roots insurgency. joining us is mark halpern, senior political analyst to talk about all this. let me start with palin and bachmann. i'm going to throw in some pictures of them working the crowd today. i think back to a couple years ago, most people didn't know who these two women were at all. now they are the superstars. >> they are icons of american politics. they've become, for republicans it's like twin ronald reagans in dresses. for democrats, it's thelma and
8:52 pm
louise. i wrote in sarah palin doesn't do subtle very well. these two are take no prisoners. they don't have any aspirations to leave the center of the country, but they are reffing up the tea party movement in states like minnesota and elsewhere. >> tim pawlenty, usually a headliner of events in minnesota, now the opening act today. let's take a listen to this. i want to leave you with one thought. the reverend dr. martin luther king said the measure of a person is not where they stand in times of comfort and privilege, but where they stand in times of challenge and controversy. your presence here today answers the question. your standing up to say enough is enough. you're standing township say i'm willing to fight back. you're standing up to say our
8:53 pm
values matter and we're putting a marker down and we're going to restore common sense to the united states of america. >> you look at palin and bachmann. then you look at this republican rising star. they really do represent different parts of the republican party in a way who very much need each other, i guess. how do they relate to one another? >> well, sarah palin and michelle balmman do not need the pawlenty ring to do what they do. if tim pawlenty wants to be president, he is going to have to deal with and energize that wing of the party that palin, bachmann wing but do something that bachmann and palin do not care about. he came out for freedom, liberty. he came out for a lot of things that are easy to say. the tougher part is coming up with policies that don't alienate that wing of the party. >> it's a delicate dance too, because there are a lot of people in this country if you're trying to appeal to the independent who find this whole tea party movement with the
8:54 pm
anger that is associated with it right now a little bit scary. >> people find it scary but there are people on the left and right who share a lot of things they're angry about. they're angry about wars, wall street, bailouts for fat cats. it's easy, these days, tim pawlenty, i think it's fair to say he wouldn't take offense as bachmann and palin. but he can give a great speech. that is easy. the harder part is going out to a wider group of people who find the tea party movement scary or want to hear specific policies. >> good to see you as always. thanks very much. we've got a fascinating story for you. cosmetic surgery in a war zone. right after this. the insurance institute for highway safety calls it a 2010 top safety pick. we call it peace of mind. the 5-star crash safety rated chevy malibu.
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[ male announcer ] it's one thing to talk quality. it's another thing to back it up. the chevy 5-year/100,000 mile transferable powertrain warranty. with roadside assistance and courtesy transportation, it's the best coverage in america.
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8:57 pm
you would think people living on the front lines of war would have more pressing problems, but apparently the beauty business is booming in baghdad. mohammed jamjoom reports for us tonight. >> reporter: these days you hear a lot about the changing face of iraq. that's a phrase that was never meant to be taken literally. when i'm quiet, i don't have a problem with my face, but when i smile, i feel like my face isn't pretty, so that's how i decided. the 26-year-old got her first nose job at 15. she thought that surgery was botched so she's going under the knife again. to her, this is nothing out of
8:58 pm
the ordinary, even for an iraqi. the internet, video clips, television. we see that those who get surgeries done, they look prettier. that encourages us to get cosmetic surgery. she could have gone to a government run hospital and gotten this procedure entirely for free, but like many iraqis who are electing to have cosmetic procedures decided to come to a private hospital, even though it's more expensive, it ends up taking more time and they can choose the doctor they want. this drr used to work primarily on the war wounded but demand for plastic surgery has skyrocketed in the past few years. he gets more patients every month. he has a good idea why. >> i think because they are watching tv too much. the international, you know, the satellites has brought such a new culture to our society.
8:59 pm
>> reporter: at this man's salon, his customers are loyal. hair is styled and brows are tweesed. >> the woman has to take care of herself. she's known for her style, for her look and design. >> he doesn't have to go for inspiration. we search the internet and watch the satellite channels, looking for something special. >> reporter: inspiring for some, disturbing for others. >> in a society where you are bombarded by messages from the media that you need to look like a model. your nose needs to be small and your eyebrows do not look good. you need to replace them by synthetic eyebrows and your lips are not big enough. you cannot live in peace with yourself as a woman. >> reporter: a different kind of

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